لوگو گروه اعتماد

Manufacturer of weighing systems, road weighbridge, small and industrial scales, and propriety weighing products of livestock and poultry products

About Etemad Industrial Group

Etemad Industrial Group (EIG) backed by the expertise and experience of its managers, who have been active in this industry since the time of producing mechanical weighing systems in the country, was established in 1980. From the beginning, by providing quality products and meeting consumer needs and satisfaction, the group has had a significant market shares and is of the leading brands in the industry.
With the arrival of new electrical weighing systems in the country, along extensive studies, the group has also produced and delivered modern weighing products including a variety of scales, small scales, bascule and heavy articulated trolley and trucks bascules. Along with supplying the above products, production and offer of different classes of proprietary products such as animal weighing bascules, Hopper and the invention of the patented product of wheelbarrow bascule for the first time in the world were done in this group. The multiplicity and diversity of products have placed EIG among the largest manufacturers and exporters of weighing systems in Iran and the Middle East.